In recent years the DJ/club and the music production market has been striving for higher quality and higher durability, and customers who choose high quality cables has been increasing. The newly released RCA Digital (Coaxial) Cable achieves clear, low-noise audio quality while also enabling fast low frequency response that suits dance music playback. Furthermore, while raising the audio quality by adding cable netting and braided shielding, as well as plated treatment to the plugs and connectors, these cables also achieve high durability for withstanding the rough use environment of clubs.
Main features:
1) Noiseless cable construction that achieves clear sound quality and a strong sound field
By using a cable construction that suppresses noise generation a high S/N ratio (signal-noise ratio) has been achieved. Transmission of small signal without influence from noise is possible with high speed, high response clear playback from low-range to mid and high-range frequencies, realizing a strong, present sound field.
  • High shielding factor Braided Shield is used to suppress noise caused by electrification and static electricity
  • The cable net protects against damage to the outer insulator while simultaneously decreasing noise induced by other adjacent cables
  • High pliability cable construction to add convenience and reduce stress on the connector of devices
2) Plug construction with superior durability and usability
  • Collet chuck RCA plugs are used to tighten and lock on the terminals of devices. Tight connection with terminals of devices enlarges the connecting area while also limiting vibration, resulting in improved audio quality with no loss to the transmitted audio signal. Additionally, this prevents sudden cable disconnection.
  • All plug cover has been coated with black nickel plating that is highly rigid and resistant to damage.

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6N-Cu (99.9999%), 1-Core shielded, outer diameter?5.1mm
Annealed copper wire with tin, 1/0.60mm?Shield? 24/6/0.1mm?
RCA pin plug,
Outer ? brass?Black nickel plate
Inner ? brass + Gold plate,φ13.5mm?51mm
Brass + Gold plate
Length/ Bundled number
2 m, 1
Characteristic impedance
Country of origin