New "Premium black" color DJ controller for home DJs with DJing performance using lights. It has the flexibility to support any DJ-play style with various DJ software and LAPTOP DOCK feature that makes DJing possible even in small spaces.
Premium black color give impression of chic and refinement
DDJ-ERGO LIMITED is finished with a chic and refined design that looks great even in modern interiors, featuring a main unit in black with satin black for its side panels and glossy black for the top panel, chrome-plated PLAY/CUE buttons, and a JOG dial with four white glowing LEDs, etc.

PULSE CONTROL for DJ performance using light
PULSE CONTROL uses light that gives you a visual representation of DJ performance, by build-in LED on each channel faders, and a translucent JOG PURE PLATTER that has a red and white LED around the ring.
Includes "TRAKTOR LE 2" DJ software packed with basic functions and also supports various other DJ software
Includes TRAKTOR LE 2 DJ software. When used with the TRAKTOR PRO 2 (fees apply), the controller can also operate as a 4-deck controller and sampler. In addition, the unit supports Serato's "Serato DJ" Intro software (downloadable for free from the Serato website).
Visit http://pioneerdj.com/support for more information regarding supported software.
Features LAPTOP DOCK construction that makes DJing possible even in small spaces
The DDJ-ERGO LIMITED employs a new LAPTOP DOCK construction enabling it to be positioned on a slant. A laptop keyboard can be positioned beneath the DDJ-ERGO LIMITED, making it possible to set up and play even on small spaces. Furthermore, the DDJ-ERGO LIMITED can be tilted by attaching the removable legs when placed on a table to allow DJs to enjoy the same sensations as standing performance when they play seated.
Achieves high operability with the same layout as Pioneer professional DJ models
The DDJ-ERGO LIMITED features the same layout as Pioneer professional DJ models and achieves higher operability with its large 115 mm diameter jogs
Additional Features
  • Completely USB-powered
  • High sound quality design that achieves a clear, powerful DJ sound
  • The channel fader knobs and crossfader knob are equipped with P-LOCK FADER CAP locking construction that prevents the knobs from coming off
  • Built-in audio interface
For PIONEER DJ global communications, support and product information, refer to pioneerdj.com
For the latest news, detailed product information, and DJ/CLUB interviews, refer to pioneer.jp/cdj/
*Laptop not included

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  • Software
  • Number of channels
  • Input ports
  • MIC 1(1/4 inch PHONE), AUX 1(RCA)
  • Output ports
  • MASTER OUT 2(1/4 inch PHONE 1,RCA 1)
    Front 1/4 inch PHONE,MiniPin)

  • Other ports
  • USB B port x 1
  • Sampling rate
  • D/A converter
  • A/D converter
  • Frequency response
  • 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion ratio
  • 0.006 % or less
  • S/N ratio
  • 101dB
  • Head room
  • Maximum dimensions
  • 555 mm (W) x 280 mm (D) x 103 mm (H), 555 mm (W) x 280 mm (D) x 64 mm (H) with the legs removed)
  • Unit weight
  • 2.9 kg

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