DJC-SC1 is a DJ controller bag with the perfect size to fit both DDJ-T1 and DDJ-S1.
It includes controller protective cushion and lots of pockets, and can also be easily adapted to suit your favorite carrying style.

Special soft-type bag for DDJ-T1 and DDJ-S1
The bag includes cushion that fits exactly the DDJ-T1 and DDJ-S1 to prevent damages from vibrations and shocks*1. Furthermore, the inside is made of raised material to protect the controller from scratches.

4 different ways to carry to meet your style
The bag adapts to 4 different styles. It can be carried by hand, vertically and horizontally, on the DJ's shoulders or back.

Pocket for laptop
DJs can carry a laptop up to 17 inches in the pocket. It includes cushion to protect the laptop from vibrations and shocks*1 and a special opening for quick and easy handling.

Various pockets for DJ accessories and other items
The bag includes numerous pockets designed for different accessories such as headphones, cables, cell phones or MP3 players. These pockets allow DJs to store the various accessories used for digital DJing and other necessary items. The color inside the bag is red to make it easier for DJs to locate the different pockets. Moreover, the expandable pockets are useful when DJs need to carry many items.

Fastener lock hole
Key lock holes have been equipped on controller and laptop pockets fasteners.
* The items inside the bag may be damaged if an excessive force is applied from the outside.
* Specifications and design are subject to change without notice.

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