Developed with some of the world's leading DJs and club installers, the EFX-1000 is the world's first DJ effects unit to deliver 24 Bit/96kHz digital sampling, using 32 Bit digital sound processing. This ensures a vastly improved audio quality in comparison to other effectors currently available, while the impressive variety of on-board effects - including Delay, Echo, Trans, Flanger and Phaser - means that professionals can enjoy the widest-ever scope for creativity in their mixes.

24-bit/96kHz digital sampling
Equipped with a 24-bit Analogue/Digital, Digital/Analogue converter (96kHz sampling) and 32-bit digital sound processing, the EFX1000 offers the best-possible audio quality.

Beat and rhythm effects
A variety of beat and rhythm effects are included in the EFX1000.
- Rhythm Effect: Enables the DJ to process the effects together with a pre-programmed rhythm
- BPM Effect: Lets the DJ process the effects linked to the tempo of the song
- Effect Frequency Selection: Allows DJs to select and effect the following frequency range (HI, MID, LOW)

Digital Jog Break
- Hold Switch: Gives DJs the ability to hold the Jog Dial Effect
- Jog Memory Play: Memorises and reproduces the motion of the Jog Dial, either once using SINGLE or in a repeating LOOP, allowing - DJs to reproduce effect changes at will
- Jog Break Meter: Expresses the Jog Break movement visually

Other features:
- DEPTH: DJs can adjust the intensity and depth of the effects
- CHARACTER: The various parameters of the effects can be changed
- MIX: The DJ can change the balance of the original sound and the effected sound
- ON/LOCK ON switch: This is used for a smooth ON/OFF changeover
- SIGNAL FLOW switch: This changes the signal path of the sound and offers 49 patterns of effects in combination with Beat Effect and Digital Jog Break
- Foot switch (optional): DJs can use this to turn the effects ON/OFF
- Input/Effect Output Level Meter & Control Knob: Allows for easy sound level adjustment
- Bypass Switch: Routes the input source directly to the output, bypassing the effects processing and giving higher sound quality
- MIDI IN/OUT terminal: Link to compatible MIDI equipment and control the signal
- DIGITAL LINK function: DJs can use this to connect the EFX-1000 to Pioneers CDJ range of digital decks or DJM series of mixers, via an exclusive cable
- DIGITAL IN/OUT terminal with 24-bit/96kHz sampling: Allows DJs to switch the digital output sampling frequency (44.1kHz/48kHz/96kHz)

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  • Inputs
  • LINE x 1(RCA, 1/4inch PHONE), DIGITAL x 1(RCA) MIDI x 1 (5P DIN)
  • Outputs
  • LINE x 1(RCA, 1/4inch PHONE) DIGITAL x 1(RCA) MIDI x 1 (5P DIN)
  • Other Ports
  • EFX LINK x 1(Mini DIN) FOOT SW x 1(1/4'' PHONE)
  • Sampling Rate
  • 96kHz
  • A/D and D/A Converter
  • 24bit
  • Frequency Response
  • 20Hz | 28kHz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion
  • 0.007% or less
  • S/N Ratio
  • 83dB
  • External Dimensions
  • 320(W) x 234(D) x 101(H) mm
  • Weight
  • 2.4kg