With the HDJ-1000, Pioneer introduces a product that looks and sounds great, offering great comfort and features than ever before! The headphones offer 3,500mW of maximum input making distortion practically obsolete. And the 50mm dome fully encompasses the ears, giving you the best possible clarity.
Large diameter speaker unit
High power input (3000mW) for monitoring a high level of sound, and a hermetically sealed body with high sound-insulating ability.

Fold housing with universal joints
Joints allow you to fold the headphones for space-saving and to turn them in each direction for free style single ear sound monitoring.

Soft touch housing
Designed with DJs in mind, the housing can rest against the shoulders for stability and comfort.

Stereo/Mono selector
The selector allows you to mix right and left channel signals for single ear monitoring.

Cord assembly (available as service part)
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  • Type
  • Tightly closed dynamic headphones
  • Driver Units
  • Plug
  • 3.5 mm 3P mini plug (gold-plated)
  • Cord
  • 3.94 ft long single coiled cable (approx. 9.84 ft when straight)
  • Accessories
  • 6.3 mm 3P plug adapter with screw & carrying bag
  • Weight (without cord)
  • 270g (excluding cord)
  • Frequency Response
  • 5 to 30,000 Hz
  • Impedance
  • 40 ohm
  • Impedance
  • 3,500 mW
  • Output Sound Level
  • 107 dB/mW