The S-DJ05 active reference speaker provide high quality sound that you can adjust to suit various situations, such as making music in a home studio, DJ-ing, or listening to music. In addition, these are the first*1 speaker (and S-DJ08) for DJs and producers*2 that allow changes to settings such as sound quality and audio input via a manual controller. By introducing the S-DJ05, Pioneer is working hard to support not only conventional DJ-ing but all of the musical activities of DJs and producers.

Equipped with various technology to achieve high quality sound and wide sweet spot
In order to realize excellent reproducibility of the original sound and a robust low frequency band reproduction, the speakers are equipped with a 10cm high-force magnet, a low resonance chimney-style heat sink, and a bi-amp circuit that drives the tweeter and woofer independently.
In addition, the waveguide shape of the tweeter and sound axis control guarantee wide directivity, so the user will be able to listen to high quality sound no matter where one is in relation to the speakers, whether standing during DJ-ing or sitting down while creating music.

The first speakers for DJs and producers that allow configuration through a controller
Traditionally, both the left and right speakers have to be individually operated in order to adjust the volume or to switch the power on/off. These are the first speakers for DJs and producers that can be simultaneously operated using the controller. The controller can also mute the speakers, switch the equalizer on/off and toggle between the audio inputs.

Linear equalizer built-in to adjust the sound quality to suit various music activities
The linear equalizer provides stepless adjustment of the frequency characteristics in the low and high bands from -6 dB to +6 dB. Whether producing music in a home studio, DJ-ing or listening to music, the user can fine-tune the sound to suit his/her sound requirement and environment. This feature allows the user to adjust the frequency characteristics so he/she can accurately hear the tone quality of instruments while producing music or recreate the low frequency sound of a club when DJ-ing or listening to music.

Four-input switching for listening to various musical devices with one set of speakers
The speakers have four input terminals (XLR*3, TRS (1/4 inch PHONE), RCA x 2) and an input switching function (a feature not found in the competitors' monitor speakers*4) the user can use to adapt to various musical situations by switching between inputs (e.g. from a connected computer, DJ equipment and other devices) without changing cable connections.

Other features
- The bottom surface of the speakers features screw holes for fixtures so you can install the speakers on a stand using commercially-available*5 fixtures.
- The environmentally-friendly auto standby function automatically detects input signals and switches to standby mode when there is no input or usage for over 60 minutes.
*1 According to a research conducted by Pioneer as of 1st October 2010.
*2 Poducers in the DJ industry that perform DJ-ing and produce music or remixes.
*3 A cannon connector to connect mixers, etc.
*4 According to a research conducted by Pioneer as of 1st October 2010.
*5 These are not sold by Pioneer.

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  • Type
  • Biamp 2-way Active Speaker
  • Enclosure
  • Bass-Reflex,MDF
  • Tweeter
  • 1inch Soft Dome
  • Woofer
  • 5inch PP Corn
  • Playback frequency range
  • 50Hz - 25kHz(-10 dB)
  • Amplifier output (dynamic power)
  • 80W
  • Impedance
  • 6dBu / 10k ohm
  • Input terminals - Balanced inputs
  • XLR x1,TRS(1/4 inch Phone) x1
  • Input terminals - Unbalanced inputs
  • RCA x 2
  • Maximum dimensions (W x H x D)
  • 185x301x258mm
  • Weight (1 speaker)
  • 6.7kg
  • Power consumption
  • 45W
  • Power consumption
  • Controller x1
    Link Cable x1
    Power Cable x2
    Rubber Feet x8