The S-DJ05 active reference speakers feature high sound quality and superior operability that support home studio performance of DJs and producers*1. Pioneer has received high praise from customers who appreciate the clarity and separation of sounds that help identifying each instrument, as well as the tight, powerful bass playback that suits dance music.

Users can now choose a design based on their sensibilities and interior with the speakers now being introduced in glossy white, a color tone with a cooler image - S-DJ05-W.
Main features:
?) Attractive design for a variety of situations
The lustrous glossy white S-DJ05-W, and the included light silver controller, will look great in a variety of interior designs and situations.
2) Achieves high sound quality and a wide sweet spot through a variety of technologies
Thanks to its resonance-resistant chimney-style heat sink and a bi-amp circuit that independently drives the tweeter and woofer, the S-DJ05-W achieves accurate source sound reproduction and strong bass playback.
Additionally, using the waveguide shape that ensures a wide directivity for the tweeters and the sound axis control that arranges the frequency response, a wide sweet spot has been achieved and high quality sound can be heard from any position respective of the speakers.
3) A wide variety of speaker settings are possible using the handheld controller
Traditionally, volume level adjustments and turning the power ON/OFF need to be performed on each the left and right speaker separately, but the S-DJ05-W's included controller allows simultaneous operation to both the left and right speakers. Muting, turning ON/OFF the EQ, and audio input switching can also be performed using the controller.
4) Equipped with a linear EQ function that enables sound quality adjustment to suit any music activity
The S-DJ05-W is equipped with a linear EQ function that allows non-step adjustment of frequency characteristics in high and low bands from -6dB to +6dB each. The sound can be fine tuned to suit each music activity, from home studio song production to DJing or listening to music. By adjusting the sound quality, instrument timbres can be accurately discerned during song production, and bass playback similar to a club sound can be achieved while DJing or listening.
5) Four inputs switching function enables listening to songs from several different music devices with a single set of speakers
The S-DJ05-W is equipped with four input paths (XLR*2, TRS (1/4 inch PHONE), RCA x 2) and an input switching functionality that is not available for monitor speakers of any other manufacturer*3. Playback devices such as PCs or DJ equipment can be connected, and the input can be switched to meet each music activity without disconnecting and reconnecting cables.
6) Other features:
  • The bottom surface is equipped with screw holes for installing commercially available*4 metal fixtures that can be used for setting the speakers on stands.
  • Equipped with the environment-friendly Auto Standby function that automatically detects audio input signal presence and switches the speakers to standby mode if there is no input or operation for 60 minutes.
*1 Producers in the DJ world perform as DJs, and produce and mix music.
*2 Cannon connector for connecting to mixers or other devices.
*3 According to Pioneer's research as of September 2011.
*4 Not sold by Pioneer.

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  • Type
  • Bi-amp 2-way active speakers/magnetic shielding design (JEITA)
  • Enclosure
  • Bass reflex
  • Tweeter
  • 2.5 cm soft dome
  • Woofer
  • 13 cm PP cone
  • Playback frequency range
  • 50 Hz - 25 kHz (-10 dB)
  • Amplifier output (dynamic power)
  • LF: 50 W HF: 30 W
  • Impedance
  • 10 kΩ
  • Input terminals - Balanced inputs
  • XLR x 1 TRS (1/4 inch PHONE) x 1
  • Input terminals - Unbalanced inputs
  • RCA x 2
  • Maximum dimensions (W x H x D)
  • 185 mm x 301 mm x 258 mm
  • Weight (1 speaker)
  • 6.7 kg
  • Power consumption
  • 45 W
  • Power consumption
  • Controller x 1
    Link cable x 1
    Power cables x 2
    Rubber feet x 8