High-power output and dynamic 2.1 channel sound to fill large rehearsal space

Auto Battle Mode*
STEEZ AUDIO incorporates "Auto Battle Mode" - Pioneer’s unique technology which makes it easy for dancers to battle anytime, anywhere. Simply set match-up (playing) time or music genre, and the mode automatically selects and edits tunes for dance battles. Select "Circle" for multi-dancer match-ups or "Normal" for one-on-one, two-on-two and team dance battles. STEEZ AUDIO covers what a DJ/timekeeper would normally do, and allows you to smoothly switch music for battle by cutting in on and echoing tunes. It even prompts you with your choice of voice or tone call signal, 10 seconds before a change of dancer in a battle is required.

Various Functions for Dance Practice
STEEZ AUDIO incorporates convenient functions for everyday dance practice, along with technology that Pioneer originally devised for professional DJ products:

- Tempo Control*
"Tempo Control" changes the tempo of the music as desired and is especially useful for starting dance practice slowly then picking up the pace.

- 8-Beat Skip and Dance Cue*
A new "8-Beat Skip" function lets you search ahead or back by eight beats, so starting or repeating choreography at any part of a tune is quick and easy. Use "Dance Cue" function to set a cue point, and then press the "Cue" button to start dancing from that point of playback.

- More Fun with Dance Practice Features
"DJ Mix*" is for non-stop mix play of music selected according to dance genre by MIXTRAX** data analysis.
"Rhythm Sequence" lets you practice dancing solely to the rhythms of the music.

Dance Beat Sound to Move Your Body
STEEZ AUDIO Type Z sounds even more dynamic with deeper bass and beats for dance.

Tough, Dual Powered
Powered by either AC or battery, STEEZ AUDIO Type Z provides flexibility to practice dancing on the street or anywhere else, too. Drip-proof protection from rain ensures durability for outdoor performance.

* Functions with music analyzed by MIXTRAX
** Pioneer proudly presents MIXTRAX - an original, easy-to-use PC application for STEEZ AUDIO and STEEZ PORTABLE that integrates DJ-style "TEMPO Control", mixing and track making functions, plus Pioneer’s technological expertise in music analysis algorithms. Also, MIXTRAX by itself lets you enjoy simple DJ-style Non Stop Mixing and track making functions. To enjoy even more of the fun, take out your favorite music files in a USB device and plug in to your friend’s STEEZ AUDIO unit. This way, you get to dance to more music with friends by way of Non-Stop Mix play, dance practice, and other functions

For more information, please visit http://mixtraxnet.com.

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  • Memory Capacity
  • 4 GB
  • Display
  • QVGA 3.5" LCD
  • Speaker Unit
  • ø26 mm (Tweeter) x 2, ø80 mm (Full Range) x 2, ø135 mm (Subwoofer) x 1
  • Auto Battle Mode*1
  • Normal/Circle
  • DJ Mix*1
  • Yes
  • Tempo Control
  • Yes
  • 8-Beat Skip and Dance Cue
  • Yes
  • Rhythm Sequence
  • Yes
  • Dance Sound
  • Low, Mid, High
  • Playback Music File
  • MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV
  • Drip-Proof (IPX2 rated*2)
  • Yes
  • ø3.5 mm Headphone Output
  • Yes
  • ø3.5 mm Mic Input
  • Yes
  • ø3.5 mm AUX Input
  • Yes
  • USB (Type A)
  • Yes
  • Mini USB (Type B)
  • Yes
  • iPod Dock*3
  • Yes
  • Dimensions (W x H x D mm)
  • 632 x 245 x 221
  • Net Weight
  • 7.4 kg
  • AC Adapter
  • AC 100-240 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Operating Battery Type
  • D x 10
  • Accessories
  • USB Cable, Remote Control Unit

*1 Operation of this function requires that music is analyzed by MIXTRAX
*2 Protected against vertically dripping water when unit is tilted up to 15°
*3 iPod Compatibility and information on Apple's iOS version, please visit: http://pioneer.jp/homeav/support/ios/ao

Note: Pioneer cannot guarantee compatibility (operation and/or bus power) with iPod or all USB mass storage devices and assumes no responsibility for any loss of data that may occur when connected to this unit.

* iPod and iPhone are a registered trademark of Apple Inc. in the United States and other countries.