Frequently Asked Question

DJM-2000 - Function

  • Q: Are there any functions that are firsts for the industry and for Pioneer?
    A: The DJM-2000 is the first DJ mixer in the world equipped with “TOUCH PANEL EFFECT” using a large, 5.8-inch LCD multi-touch panel. There are three performance modes allowing the user to check the effect by sight and sound and operate the mixer intuitively in ways not readily available with conventional DJ mixers:
    1 “FREQUENCY MIX” for more detailed mixing
    2 Seven “SIDECHAIN REMIX” settings for achieving dynamic effects
    3 Four MIDI modes for DJ play using a computer The DJM-2000 meets the requirements of all types of operating scenarios and DJ playing styles.
  • Q: Tell me about the multi-touch function.
    A: Two points can be detected simultaneously. This is an extremely convenient function for changing two parameters on the touch panel at the same time.
  • Q: What is the Kensington lock mount hole used for?
    A: The hole is for mounting a theft-prevention wire lock sold primarily for computers.
  • Q: Can signals be output simultaneously from the MASTER OUT 1/2, MIDI and BOOTH OUT terminals?
    A: Yes.
  • Q: The BOOTH OUT terminal is a TRS terminal. What are its polarities when used as a balanced terminal?
  • Q: The rekordbox sound cannot be monitored.
    A: The rekordbox version must be updated (to Ver. 1.2.0 or later).
  • Q: The PRO DJ LINK function does not work.
    A: The CDJ version must be updated (to Ver. 3.00 or later).