Frequently Asked Question

DJM-2000 - Operation

  • Q: Sometimes the talk over function gets activated and the master sound gets weaker even when not speaking into the mike.
    A: The talk over function may be accidentally activated due to static electricity, etc. When not using it, turn the talk over function off.
  • Q: Is it possible to output from MASTER 1/2 simultaneously, and also to use the MIDI function?
    A: Yes.
  • Q: Tell me about the TRIM adjustment. I assume the adjustment is made looking at the level indicator, but to what position on the scale should I adjust?
    A: Generally, under normal circumstances it should be adjusted so that "0" lights. Also, it should be adjusted so that "14" does not light.
  • Q: No signals are output from the MASTER outputs, or only from one channel.
    A: The master output attenuator switch (MASTER ATT.) may be out of place. Move it to a different position, then put it back in its proper position.
  • Q: Sometimes when I touch the liquid crystal display in two spots (two buttons), the touch panel doesn’t respond.
    A: If you touch a point away from the center of the indicator for the button, etc., the unit may judge that you have touched a point between two buttons. Touch the center of the button’s indicator.
  • Q: When effect cue is turned on, the echo and reverb effect sounds cannot be heard. Is this a malfunction?
    A: Unlike other effects, echo and reverb are post effects. The sound cannot be recognized by effect cue. Echo and reverb are designed as post effects in order to produce natural reverbs when cutting the sound by vertical fader.
  • Q: A different position on the touch panel from the position I touch responds. I calibrated the touch panel, but this did not fix the problem.
    A: Pay attention to the following when calibrating the touch panel in the graph setting mode. When calibrating, use a touch pen or other object with a narrow tip to touch the center of the point at which the + marks that are displayed intersect. The calibration may not be accurate if you use your finger when calibrating.