Frequently Asked Question

Technical Guides to Pioneer Plasma TV

  • Q: Can any JPEG pictures be projected onto the screen?
    A: Yes, it is not affected by the resolution of the JPEG pictures. The monitor behaves the same as any other monitor or television you have.
  • Q: Why is it the two sides mask of the 4:3 ratio aspect do not have equal balance measurement between them?
    A: There is no equal measurement between the two sides as the screen will move about every few minutes to reduce the burning effect on the sides of the screen.
  • Q: Why does the plasma TV in the PC mode turn off by itself after a few minutes?
    A: Check that the power management setting is set to off. In the case where there is no signal input, the plasma will automatically turn off in the power management mode.
  • Q: Can I watch 2 different TV program in the split screen mode?
    A: No, the media receiver only employs one single tuner unit.
  • Q: Why are there some data lost when receiving Teletext?
    A: Please check the antenna for maximum signal strength.
  • Q: Why is the picture not clear?
    A: Please go to the Home Menu and select the DNR mode to improve the picture quality.
  • Q: Can I connect a video camera to the Plasma TV?
    A: Yes, simply connect it to the front input of the media receiver.
  • Q: There is no power and I cannot turn on the Plasma TV.
    A: Check that the Plasma Display and Media Receiver power cables are connected to the power outlet and press the Plasma Display and Media Receiver's POWER buttons to switch power on.
  • Q: One side of the speaker has no sound.
    A: Check that the speaker wire is not overly clipped into the speaker outlet terminal.
  • Q: The remote control unit does not work or is difficult to operate.
    A: Check that none of the key button is jammed or stuck.
    Remove any obstruction from in front of the remote control sensor.
    Remove any obstruction from in front of the remote control sensor.
    Point the remote control unit facing the PDP display.
    Replace the battery in the remote control unit with a new one.
  • Q: Why doesn’t the power button on the remote control turn on the set?
    A: The design of the power button on the remote control is for turning off the TV only. To turn on the TV, please select from the numerical button on the remote control.
  • Q: Can we display a split screen image in 2 colours system?
    A: No. The scanning rate between the two systems will not match.
  • Q: Can I hang my Plasma monitor upside down?
    A: No. Consumer TV does not come with a special mode to inverse the image.
  • Q: Is it normal for the media receiver to become hot?
    A: Yes, it is normal and within specifications.
  • Q: SD11 is displayed and the power turns off.
    A: Check for choking ventilation outlets and clean them if necessary.
  • Q: I forgot my password for the child lock function.
    A: Please refer to the operating manual on how to reset the password.
  • Q: The PC image on the Plasma is not clear or have double image.
    A: In the PC mode, go to Home Menu, select for Phase function. Adjust for the correct PC image phasing.
  • Q: How do I clean my plasma?
    A: When cleaning the screen or cabinet of the television or monitor, gently wipe it with a dry soft cloth (the supplied cleaning cloth or other similar cloths e.g. cotton and flannel). If you use a dusty or hard cloth or if you rub the screen hard, the surface of the product will be scratched. If you clean the surface of the screen with a wet cloth, water droplets on the surface may enter into the product, resulting in malfunction.

    Do not use any chemicals as they can cause damage. This includes, but is not limited to:
    - benzene
    - thinner
    - volatile gas or fluid such as pesticide
    - other chemicals or cleaners